My portfolio is up to date now. It only has MSc work because I’m still thinking if I should include some not so stellar projects from a few years ago.

After the work on the MSc I had some deserved days to relax. Took the opportunity and went to see London in 2 days. Big Ben, Palace of Buckingham, London Eye and the British Museum are some of the places that didn’t seem intimidated by my stare. I still can’t find an explanation, and one isn’t needed, for why I like that city so much. I’m definitely coming back.

I would like to post something related to game development so I can contribute with some information to the internet that has given me so much. I wanted to talk about things that could help people with their own game dev related endeavours but soon enough I find myself with nothing relevant to talk about. This happens because I don’t have the experience to back me up when I conceitedly think I could have something to teach. And I realize this as some awe-inspiring writings appear daily in amazing websites like  Nothing is lost, I’ll just continue learning until I have something of value to share with others. All I can do is be grateful to all those that still share.