Updates 2: The Revenge

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So June wasn’t a great month. I went back to Portugal to finally see the sun and what I get is a surgery 2 days after I arrive, I still went to the beach but not as often as I would like. Anyway,  I still spent some time with my friends and family and had great food, so it wasn’t that bad.

Happy to report the Portfolio overhaul is almost done, just some tweaking and “debugging” left. I included some games I did many years ago, they’re not perfect but I still learned valuable things while developing them and it shows my path through game programming. Well, almost, I lost my DarkBasic games, XNA demos and various other stuff with several formats through the years, so it’s more like a fragmented path :p

And this time I will really try to post more often. Really! Even Mike Acton encouraged me to do it (thanks!) so I’ll do my best to lose that ominous feeling of “but everyone already knows this, why should I post it?” If I do interesting stuff while developing my Multi-Core Game Engine I’ll be sure to share it 😉




My portfolio is up to date now. It only has MSc work because I’m still thinking if I should include some not so stellar projects from a few years ago.

After the work on the MSc I had some deserved days to relax. Took the opportunity and went to see London in 2 days. Big Ben, Palace of Buckingham, London Eye and the British Museum are some of the places that didn’t seem intimidated by my stare. I still can’t find an explanation, and one isn’t needed, for why I like that city so much. I’m definitely coming back.

I would like to post something related to game development so I can contribute with some information to the internet that has given me so much. I wanted to talk about things that could help people with their own game dev related endeavours but soon enough I find myself with nothing relevant to talk about. This happens because I don’t have the experience to back me up when I conceitedly think I could have something to teach. And I realize this as some awe-inspiring writings appear daily in amazing websites like http://altdevblogaday.com/.  Nothing is lost, I’ll just continue learning until I have something of value to share with others. All I can do is be grateful to all those that still share.


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I finally created my blog/portfolio! It was something I always postponed but it had to happen.
I’ll try to update it as often as I can but with the amount of work we have in the MSc, don’t expect much.
I’ll post about game programming, my experiences living abroad alone and some random stuff I’ll think about later :p

Bye for now