2d game prototype

A game sample done in my spare time, some years ago, using C++ and Allegro. Its purpose was to test level editing, scrolling, animation and different methods of collision detection. Took about 2 weeks to complete.
All images and sounds are freely available in the internet, I did not make them.


  • Maps made with Mappy.
  • Two-way scrolling.
  • Sprite sheet based animation.
  • Collision detection using the separating axis theorem.
  • Images and sounds are packed, password protected and decrypted when loading the game.
  • Mario throwing a Kamehameha! :d

Files:  Windows binary (0.4 Mb)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Juanjo
    Oct 15, 2011 @ 22:32:19

    Hi, I’m new to programming and I’m doing a platafform based game on ANSI C, Could you please show me the src of this prototype? It’s great and it’s done with mappy 🙂


    • Pombal
      Oct 19, 2011 @ 00:50:16

      Hi, sorry for the late reply. I will be updating the portfolio in the next few days and I will upload the source in this page.
      Good luck with your game and show me when it’s finished 😉


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